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@ -50,6 +50,17 @@ Aer has builtin native support for UTF-8 characters. That is, you are not restri
or methods. Any UTF-8 encoded natural language can be used without the need for ICU or any other internationalization package.
## Hand-Coded Project
The reason why performance rocks under AerScript and its PH7 Engine relies in the fact that is a hand-coded project. That is,
Aer does not use any external tools to generate it's lexical analyzer such as lex or flex, nor does not use LALR(1) parsers such
as Bison or YACC to generate it's parser. By acting so, the lexer and the parser are thread-safe, full re-entrant, generate
better error message, takes less space in the source tree and are easier to maintain.
Aer is written in C. It compiles and runs unmodified on any platform including restricted embedded device with a C compiler.
The PH7 Engine have been extensively tested under Windows and UNIX including Linux and FreeBSD. If you have successfully compiled
and tested Aer in an exotic environment or a proprietary UNIX, please let us know.
## Build Instructions
Aer is a multi-platform software, that can be built on any Operating System. On Unix-like. macOS and Cygwin it is as
easy as to fetch the source code and issue single command: