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  Piotr Likoski d2335c86b2
Base32::decode() cannot return boolean values. 4 days ago
  Piotr Likoski 843c2d67d9
I am pretty sure we want to use the number of elements in array in this place, not the actual size of array. 4 days ago
  Piotr Likoski 33b0f20573
Check the snprintf() return value. 4 days ago
  David Carlier d96dcdf1e0 Little build warning removal 5 days ago
  Rafal Kupiec a09c6b3fad
Fix for index outside the bounds. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 4d150c2fe3
No way this is working! 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec c94de60c29
Properly implement tests. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 376b9510a9
Fix typos, formatting. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec ad49b81b33
Add support for HTTP/2.0 protocol version. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 4afcbc0815
Extend singleton test. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 171456beb4
Release all elements in object allocation table. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 204060fa9d
Implement TAU. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 616b2eeae3
Cleanup the headers a bit. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 563c10bd20
Do not omit floating point. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 2e695a9d35
Link dynamically with libC. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 2ef2b6265c
Never disable IO library. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec a6d89da16b
Do not support old libC. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 48d5088265
Enable the magic number protection. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 3dcc908788
Enable threading. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 4881ddf6de
Pass compatible pointer type. 2 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 312fb97db6
Another FS-related bugfix to make compiler happy. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 0a2f1133d5
Do not use pointer for file path. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 647454b98d
Another signedness correction. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 72782b147a
Do not convert between data pointers and function pointers. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec edb62ed692
Correct signedness. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8b2086402e
Fix all compiler warnings in AerScript compiler. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8ee2dece06
Test NULL-coalescing operator. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec dcf37af75e
Implement a NULL-coalescing '??' operator. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 6d964d6113
Add missing declaration for PH7_MemObjIsNull() function. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 3045bd2d88
Update lexer. Add missing operators. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 19d0628afc
Do not try to duplicate an array when source equals to destination. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 59811ac742
Completely rely on the compiler. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec e40dc34026
Pass proper line number from compiler to the virtual machine. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec c76ae15a7b
Disable undefined behavior sanitizer. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec a1f1d50d25
Allow to use compiler's sanitizer. This fixes #53. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec ca51e2a5da
Add comments. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec bd24aa0605
Correct more compiler warnings. 3 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 690213e0c7
Do not use a pointer for temporary value. 4 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 0be38392bd
Correct variable types, to make compiler silent. 4 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec bffd44a7b4
Get rid of some annoying compiler warnings. 4 weeks ago
  Rafal Kupiec 173bac16ad
Add missing definitions. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec b3eb2d0139
Include missing header. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec 050a637e88
Add missing declarations. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8d0c128d22
Fix comparison of integer expressions of different signedness. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec c7b6e76d0d
Get rid of unused variables/labels/etc. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec 1a91fedb1f
Proper SXUNUSED() macro implementation. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec fffce10ba8
Test for implicitly typed declarations. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec ace4d56d7f
The '-Og' is a better choice than '-O0' for producing debuggable code because some compiler passes that collect debug information are disabled at '-O0'. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8985044054
Remove some unused variables. 1 month ago
  Rafal Kupiec 77150e9d26
Enable some code diagnostics. 1 month ago