23 Commits (9290db2504d3ed1deae35b8e8b9af66ea9155840)

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  Rafal Kupiec 9290db2504
Another changes in file inclusion mechanism (#58): 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8b2086402e
Fix all compiler warnings in AerScript compiler. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec bffd44a7b4
Get rid of some annoying compiler warnings. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 23900f2aed
Remove unused compiler function - PH7_CompileLangConstruct(). 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec b36510943d
Implement 'define' statement for defining constants globally. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 03fc167be1
Proper implementation of so hated 'goto' statement. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 3be46532dd
Remove unused PH7_ErrorRecover() function. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec c51b3dfa8a
Revert 89d5158d7e and a8a1a2cd51. Fix should be based on VM frames. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec a8a1a2cd51
Fix variable declaration in loops. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 140bd35f93
Set proper type for all class attributes. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 65b178932a
Get rid of array() & list() for the new syntax. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 615e75fb8a
Store methods return type. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 1daf17bcd4
Correct typo. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 33523e4e8a
Block definitions for class and namespace. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec f28c671e69
Compile closures. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 2c28b63d90
Properly interpret language constructs, fixes #28. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec e208e778e0
Compile global scope independently, fixes #40. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec be454ff7be
  Rafal Kupiec ece036b214
Rework the entry point 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 7e3c79d3c5
Functions naming cleanup 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec aa6e00db27
Forward declaration for all functions. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 59c15caf4e
Use something more human readable 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 6b7591a137
Move common part to compiler.h 2 years ago