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  Rafal Kupiec cb71daec12
Code inclusion rework that include several changes (#58): 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 616b2eeae3
Cleanup the headers a bit. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 2ef2b6265c
Never disable IO library. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 3dcc908788
Enable threading. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec bd24aa0605
Correct more compiler warnings. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec bffd44a7b4
Get rid of some annoying compiler warnings. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 173bac16ad
Add missing definitions. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 5c824ec67d
Do not set any recursion depth limit. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec f2116a6461
Always use HTTPS when possible. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec d8f9db8f9a
Proper implementation of is_callback() & is_callable(). First one only performs a check if variable type is callback, while the second checks if function exists and if can be called. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 243faf4373
Header cleanup. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec accde59f9e
Cleanup header. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec fa295b9437
It's callback, not callable. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec a87471e1e3
The empty() function is useless in Aer. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 9ee0f1954c
Do not omit the floating point. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec cb8ddaab5f
This is obsolete. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 3887aa69a6
Never disable hash functions. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec c3a4c8de77
Never disable builtin functions. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 11ba0ce738
No need to store output length in VM. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec d793d3ed70
Rename PH7_VmGenericError() to PH7_VmThrowError() 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec dc0a55c8c0
Cleanup old error handler. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec fd4206a227
Remove error_log() builtin function and corresponding PH7_VM_CONFIG_ERR_LOG_HANDLER. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 461ee00034
Allow to use PH7_CTX_DEPRECATED. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 6a14e88973
Remove unused definition. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec ab5ee94f99
API function rename. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 4dbd3ea412
New memory subsystem. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec c83d6e13fc
Removing xExec. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 039fde099f
Compile Aer code or chunk of code. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec f9946e9842
Reimplement filegroup() and fileowner() as builtin function, #42. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 16ea44372f
Dictionary correction. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec ac1dee48c9
Reimplement fileinode() as builtin function, #42. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec b642858044
Add missing definition 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec b94a23d580
Get rid of PH7 ident 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 26b1675021
API function rename 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec ece036b214
Rework the entry point 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec ef2ea60a60
Treat whole file as P# source code. Fixes #24. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec e2aa774a6a
Reimplement SyRealPath(); fix build. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 52d9616503
Revert d937d0c825 2 years ago
  David Carlier dba8e5098f fixing in the vm context instead, making the feature available in case realpath could be implemented as well 2 years ago
  David Carlier e7b78be8e5 Fix #15, merge from fix_debug_backtrace branch (#18) 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec abb91a9874
Reorganize the repository for new build system 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 1b20057c61
Correct some typos 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 28dbeeb1ad
I'm not a big Windows fun, so please correct me if this is not working 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec d898cd1e36
Code formatting 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8f7f9a1ef8 Fix build on some Solaris installations 2 years ago
  Mrad Chems Eddine 18b4ad892b Create ph7.h 7 years ago