Aer Interpreter Source
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Rafal Kupiec 3dcc908788
Enable threading.
1 year ago
lib Enable threading. 1 year ago
api.c Enable threading. 1 year ago
builtin.c Correct variable types, to make compiler silent. 1 year ago
compiler.c Fix all compiler warnings in AerScript compiler. 1 year ago
constant.c Remove static constant. 1 year ago
hashmap.c Do not try to duplicate an array when source equals to destination. 1 year ago
lexer.c Update lexer. Add missing operators. 1 year ago
memobj.c Add missing function description. 1 year ago
oop.c Get rid of unused variables/labels/etc. 1 year ago
parser.c Implement a NULL-coalescing '??' operator. 1 year ago
vfs.c Do not use pointer for file path. 1 year ago
vm.c Another signedness correction. 1 year ago