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interface Test0 {}
class Test1 implements Test0 {}
class Test2 extends Test1 {
class Program {
void main() {
int[] $q = {1, 2, 3};
float $t = 4;
object $x = new Test1();
var_dump($x is Test0);
var_dump($x is Test1);
var_dump($x is Test2);
var_dump($x is object);
var_dump($x is object[]);
var_dump($x is void);
var_dump($q is void);
var_dump($q is void[]);
var_dump($q is int);
var_dump($q is int[]);
var_dump($q[1] is int);
var_dump($t is int);
var_dump($t is float);
var_dump($t is 4);