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#ifndef __JSON_H__
#define __JSON_H__
#include "ph7.h"
#include "ph7int.h"
#define MODULE_DESC "JSON Module"
#define MODULE_VER 1.0
/* The following constants can be combined to form options for json_encode(). */
#define JSON_HEX_TAG 0x01 /* All < and > are converted to \u003C and \u003E. */
#define JSON_HEX_AMP 0x02 /* All &s are converted to \u0026. */
#define JSON_HEX_APOS 0x04 /* All ' are converted to \u0027. */
#define JSON_HEX_QUOT 0x08 /* All " are converted to \u0022. */
#define JSON_FORCE_OBJECT 0x10 /* Outputs an object rather than an array */
#define JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK 0x20 /* Encodes numeric strings as numbers. */
#define JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING 0x40 /* Not used */
#define JSON_PRETTY_PRINT 0x80 /* Use whitespace in returned data to format it.*/
#define JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES 0x100 /* Don't escape '/' */
#define JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE 0x200 /* Not used */
/* Possible tokens from the JSON tokenization process */
#define JSON_TK_TRUE 0x001 /* Boolean true */
#define JSON_TK_FALSE 0x002 /* Boolean false */
#define JSON_TK_STR 0x004 /* String enclosed in double quotes */
#define JSON_TK_NULL 0x008 /* null */
#define JSON_TK_NUM 0x010 /* Numeric */
#define JSON_TK_OCB 0x020 /* Open curly braces '{' */
#define JSON_TK_CCB 0x040 /* Closing curly braces '}' */
#define JSON_TK_OSB 0x080 /* Open square bracket '[' */
#define JSON_TK_CSB 0x100 /* Closing square bracket ']' */
#define JSON_TK_COLON 0x200 /* Single colon ':' */
#define JSON_TK_COMMA 0x400 /* Single comma ',' */
#define JSON_TK_INVALID 0x800 /* Unexpected token */
#define JSON_DECODE_ASSOC 0x01 /* Decode a JSON object as an associative array */
#define JSON_DECODE_NUMERIC 0x02 /* Decode a JSON object as a numeric array */
* JSON encoder state is stored in an instance
* of the following structure.
typedef struct json_private_data json_private_data;
struct json_private_data {
ph7_context *pCtx; /* Call context */
int isFirst; /* True if first encoded entry */
int iFlags; /* JSON encoding flags */
int nRecCount; /* Recursion count */
* JSON decoded input consumer callback signature.
typedef int (*ProcJsonConsumer)(ph7_context *, ph7_value *, ph7_value *, void *);
* JSON decoder state is kept in the following structure.
typedef struct json_decoder json_decoder;
struct json_decoder {
ph7_context *pCtx; /* Call context */
ProcJsonConsumer xConsumer; /* Consumer callback */
void *pUserData; /* Last argument to xConsumer() */
int iFlags; /* Configuration flags */
SyToken *pIn; /* Token stream */
SyToken *pEnd; /* End of the token stream */
int rec_depth; /* Recursion limit */
int rec_count; /* Current nesting level */
int *pErr; /* JSON decoding error if any */
/* Forward reference */
static int VmJsonArrayEncode(ph7_value *pKey, ph7_value *pValue, void *pUserData);
static int VmJsonObjectEncode(const char *zAttr, ph7_value *pValue, void *pUserData);
static int VmJsonArrayDecoder(ph7_context *pCtx, ph7_value *pKey, ph7_value *pWorker, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_HEX_TAG_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_HEX_AMP_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_HEX_APOS_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_HEX_QUOT_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_FORCE_OBJECT_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_PRETTY_PRINT_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_ERROR_NONE_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_ERROR_DEPTH_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_ERROR_STATE_MISMATCH_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_ERROR_CTRL_CHAR_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static void PH7_JSON_ERROR_UTF8_Const(ph7_value *pVal, void *pUserData);
static int vm_builtin_json_encode(ph7_context *pCtx, int nArg, ph7_value **apArg);
static int vm_builtin_json_last_error(ph7_context *pCtx, int nArg, ph7_value **apArg);
static int vm_builtin_json_decode(ph7_context *pCtx, int nArg, ph7_value **apArg);
PH7_PRIVATE sxi32 initializeModule(ph7_vm *pVm, ph7_real *ver, SyString *desc);
static const ph7_builtin_constant jsonConstList[] = {
static const ph7_builtin_func jsonFuncList[] = {
{"json_encode", vm_builtin_json_encode },
{"json_last_error", vm_builtin_json_last_error},
{"json_decode", vm_builtin_json_decode }