Kagera uHTTP Daemon
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* @PROJECT Kagera uHTTP Daemon
* @COPYRIGHT See COPYING in the top level directory
* @FILE dateparse.h
* @PURPOSE Parses string dates into internal form
* @DEVELOPERS Rafal Kupiec <belliash@asiotec.eu.org>
* Jef Poskanzer <jef@acme.com>
#ifndef __DATEPARSE_H
#define __DATEPARSE_H
struct strlong {
char* s;
long l;
extern time_t dateparse(char* str);
static int is_leap(int year);
static void pound_case(char* str);
static int scan_mon(char* str_mon, long* tm_monP);
static int scan_wday(char* str_wday, long* tm_wdayP);
static int strlong_compare(char *v1, char *v2);
static int strlong_search(char* str, struct strlong* tab, int n, long* lP);
static time_t tm_to_time(struct tm* tmP);