144 Commits (0e574e400ed3e8952555e912c6bce69bd0965bf5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  belliash 0e574e400e add dispatcher 8 years ago
  belliash b132748288 Add local-mirror module 8 years ago
  belliash 564e8e98d2 small changes in openrc-branding; adding baselayout-branding 8 years ago
  belliash 9b9606fca7 change option name 8 years ago
  belliash 7480ea769b add comment 8 years ago
  belliash 06a0cf3a0c set default branding 8 years ago
  belliash a9e55c3866 Add some modules for ezsync 8 years ago
  belliash ccb4279fb2 add missing description 8 years ago
  belliash c94a0d9036 allow pushing changes back to mercurial repositories through ssh 8 years ago
  belliash 3ceca3f3f7 small fix 8 years ago
  belliash 76c56cbd8a add missing mercurial support 8 years ago
  belliash 02be069fee change messages 8 years ago
  belliash d6b388b00a update sample module 8 years ago
  belliash e44cb0b8e2 update config description 8 years ago
  belliash a2b90fe936 push changes before postcommit 8 years ago
  belliash 46e74b129e update error codes 8 years ago
  belliash f623ba53be update message 8 years ago
  belliash 3e995a8195 finally push data 8 years ago
  belliash 814b9a406b Add more events: precommit & postcommit 8 years ago
  belliash 2202509d87 Make a use of LOADAVERAGE option in order to avoid excess load 8 years ago
  belliash e875894b83 update config file 8 years ago
  belliash e9e05e9b74 Regenerate cache 8 years ago
  belliash 965777f0df add 2 event: presync & postsync 8 years ago
  belliash dd28a98620 we do not use curl at all 8 years ago
  belliash e7d5c71508 update config 8 years ago
  belliash cb4d74cb3b Add missing function 8 years ago
  belliash 96b0071073 add new option 8 years ago
  belliash a445dd74ed quit 8 years ago
  belliash 7b0fa2c967 add missing header 8 years ago
  belliash 5377983183 implement unloadModule() 8 years ago
  belliash f378a66ac5 update modules concept 8 years ago
  belliash 920be6204a implement loadModule() 8 years ago
  belliash ac158af81b add new option 8 years ago
  belliash 5af0cb9dce implement functionExists() 8 years ago
  belliash 1431fad33b implement functionExists() 8 years ago
  belliash d2b95c940a Sample module 8 years ago
  belliash 3f5de41bba add container for modules 8 years ago
  belliash ce403d22e4 more changes in messages 9 years ago
  belliash bc9e3fe0b4 update messages 9 years ago
  belliash d79a366f75 correct some messages 9 years ago
  belliash 2aff5ad0bd add missing options 9 years ago
  belliash 792ba3f6b8 we want to completely remove this folder; add some hack to avoid staying in non-existen directory what might lead in getcwd() errors 9 years ago
  belliash 99bbad5df4 another fix 9 years ago
  belliash 9bec8e4086 fix stupid mistake 9 years ago
  belliash 00d91a986f merge data into portage tree 9 years ago
  belliash 7436e901be optionally merge data into build overlay 9 years ago
  belliash da47f88a5f update info 9 years ago
  belliash 5f2737270b small enhancement 9 years ago
  belliash 037632f6d9 implement mergeOverlay() 9 years ago
  belliash 80e2caadcd mark packages that are actually not needed for ezbuild to work properly 9 years ago