30 Commits (78760a6b636d3273a5e3a99caa6eae7915cbbf43)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  belliash 78760a6b63 split this into 2 functions 9 years ago
  belliash 1c9f883f15 merge config files; all setting can be overwritten by putting them into ezbuild.conf or ezsync.conf 9 years ago
  belliash 6c362f4174 correct parametrs order 9 years ago
  belliash 8caf858ab4 update usage 9 years ago
  belliash 412bc2e177 enable notification only from some point 9 years ago
  belliash fd450c0c4a autoload repositories 9 years ago
  belliash c750bf0431 update comments 9 years ago
  belliash 6c92021343 tune logOutput() 9 years ago
  belliash 2e95cec195 suppress all errors 9 years ago
  belliash c5c336198c few fixes 9 years ago
  belliash 91710f3dd2 add missing function 9 years ago
  belliash 8ac9902ef0 implement printNotice(), quit() and fix die() 9 years ago
  belliash 3755f65d3f Move colors into constants 9 years ago
  belliash 5f28758216 update copyright notice 9 years ago
  belliash d3dc2aa2b3 implement checkPrerequisites() and make a use from it 9 years ago
  belliash 564706f905 Treat all parameters as single one 9 years ago
  belliash 4137361517 fix common mistake, while the variable assignment takes place before the local declaration, what leads into unexpected value 9 years ago
  belliash d5476d0665 automatically load filesystem lib 9 years ago
  belliash 712c340cdd implement hasElement() 9 years ago
  belliash 476686ea4e 2nd version with many fixes and gentoo versioning support 9 years ago
  belliash 2080c0679a implement checkVersion() 9 years ago
  belliash bd1ee52278 implement die() 9 years ago
  belliash 766e280ead implement 2 functions for customizing bash internal field separator 9 years ago
  belliash 885ee46519 make variables local 9 years ago
  belliash 636e28cf90 Implement some new functions 9 years ago
  belliash 7fe14bba5a Update copyright notice 9 years ago
  belliash c35e55f9c8 Remove duplicated code 9 years ago
  belliash e058a92450 implement panic() and make a use of it 9 years ago
  belliash fad485743a Implement loadConfiguration() and loadLibraries() 9 years ago
  belliash ce3c178e7a Add more functions 9 years ago