68 Commits (8caf858ab4b3a80442d4d4a1a86a0dce56e06396)

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  belliash bd1ee52278 implement die() 9 years ago
  belliash 4e982538d7 update config files 9 years ago
  belliash 766e280ead implement 2 functions for customizing bash internal field separator 9 years ago
  belliash 885ee46519 make variables local 9 years ago
  belliash c560db95b2 update configuration files 9 years ago
  belliash 636e28cf90 Implement some new functions 9 years ago
  belliash 7fe14bba5a Update copyright notice 9 years ago
  belliash c35e55f9c8 Remove duplicated code 10 years ago
  belliash e058a92450 implement panic() and make a use of it 10 years ago
  belliash fad485743a Implement loadConfiguration() and loadLibraries() 10 years ago
  belliash ce3c178e7a Add more functions 10 years ago
  belliash d34105360b Add coloured messages 10 years ago
  belliash 400b284a28 Add more colored stars 10 years ago
  belliash f0792d1ec2 Fix elements, add stars 10 years ago
  belliash 3c7ba1dd8a Initial directory structure, colors library 10 years ago
  belliash 90b61289b6 add licensing information 10 years ago
  belliash 739a527a66 Update readme 10 years ago
  belliash b7ed30272d First commit ever 10 years ago