46 Commits (ad47a7b0ab1f634c138e29356614617a9fb74113)

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  belliash ad47a7b0ab rename 8 years ago
  belliash b30948a880 make a use of our wrapper 8 years ago
  belliash 02be069fee change messages 8 years ago
  belliash a2b90fe936 push changes before postcommit 8 years ago
  belliash 46e74b129e update error codes 8 years ago
  belliash f623ba53be update message 8 years ago
  belliash 3e995a8195 finally push data 8 years ago
  belliash 814b9a406b Add more events: precommit & postcommit 8 years ago
  belliash 2202509d87 Make a use of LOADAVERAGE option in order to avoid excess load 8 years ago
  belliash e9e05e9b74 Regenerate cache 8 years ago
  belliash 965777f0df add 2 event: presync & postsync 8 years ago
  belliash 96b0071073 add new option 8 years ago
  belliash a445dd74ed quit 8 years ago
  belliash ce403d22e4 more changes in messages 9 years ago
  belliash bc9e3fe0b4 update messages 9 years ago
  belliash d79a366f75 correct some messages 9 years ago
  belliash 9bec8e4086 fix stupid mistake 9 years ago
  belliash 00d91a986f merge data into portage tree 9 years ago
  belliash 7436e901be optionally merge data into build overlay 9 years ago
  belliash da47f88a5f update info 9 years ago
  belliash 71e74c0cec add new parameter support 9 years ago
  belliash a74174b354 Rename functions 9 years ago
  belliash db27d6ae14 update all overlays 9 years ago
  belliash f95f96be35 update local copy of mainline portage & fix die 9 years ago
  belliash b34aa97346 let it synchronize :D 9 years ago
  belliash fbbc7d8665 initialize ezbuild env 9 years ago
  belliash 8cc5c8ae14 add new parameter 9 years ago
  belliash 0b7fe4f5d2 load keys 9 years ago
  belliash 87cc0ee71a enable notifications just after all directories have been created 9 years ago
  belliash 01e5385f67 create all necessary folders 9 years ago
  belliash 16e943b746 update comment 9 years ago
  belliash c5c336198c few fixes 9 years ago
  belliash 3878577aee fix typo 9 years ago
  belliash 5fc24e9c74 do not allow more than one working copy 9 years ago
  belliash 63c21a5be8 cosmetic 9 years ago
  belliash 91710f3dd2 add missing function 9 years ago
  belliash 1d539c7b3a let ezsync parse supplied arguments 9 years ago
  belliash 0cee36547d add accidentially removed 9 years ago
  belliash 3b864d8f59 implement cleanLogs() & cleanTemp() 9 years ago
  belliash 8ac9902ef0 implement printNotice(), quit() and fix die() 9 years ago
  belliash 5f28758216 update copyright notice 9 years ago
  belliash d3dc2aa2b3 implement checkPrerequisites() and make a use from it 9 years ago
  belliash e6ce238bf4 Add basic activities into executables 9 years ago
  belliash 7fe14bba5a Update copyright notice 9 years ago
  belliash ce3c178e7a Add more functions 9 years ago
  belliash 3c7ba1dd8a Initial directory structure, colors library 9 years ago