202 Commits (bf6d5294c96fcdd2a8c9e04802eaedf9b4bf7acc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  belliash bf6d5294c9 Update config 8 years ago
  belliash 6b8bd93cf6 automatically generate digest file 8 years ago
  belliash 15772ed973 Prepare wrappers 8 years ago
  belliash 25c2c398bb implement snapshotPortage() 8 years ago
  belliash 43004cd0dc change message 8 years ago
  belliash cd4c58c909 version bump 8 years ago
  belliash 41c82e1ab5 merge 2 modules 8 years ago
  belliash b6d83d042c add missing options 8 years ago
  belliash 66c370f87e add --tarballformat parameter 8 years ago
  belliash db4f141f24 implement 2 function that allows to fetch Portage tree from either git or rsync; downloaded tree is ready for further use and for distribution as a tarball 8 years ago
  belliash 32bcb4866b useless slash 8 years ago
  belliash 6bbbe27f8b small fix 8 years ago
  belliash 53843b56f9 correct date format 8 years ago
  belliash 79fd17755c use md5 & sha1 by default 8 years ago
  belliash c6c56e0a20 Let choose tarball format 8 years ago
  belliash 0f233c0fd2 md5-cache should also be removed 8 years ago
  belliash 14b10cffd5 copy package.mask & package.use as well 8 years ago
  belliash 0d27f42433 pms is useless 8 years ago
  belliash d9011d7359 update config 8 years ago
  belliash 138f3e0f13 allow to set custom version 8 years ago
  belliash fede8319d9 update config file 8 years ago
  belliash ef81e70e44 update config file 8 years ago
  belliash 8572f8a5ed we dont need python at all 8 years ago
  belliash 5d3f1f5273 we need cvs 8 years ago
  belliash f87b57fc97 implement mirrorMercurial() 8 years ago
  belliash 12df197648 add comment 8 years ago
  belliash 251e311482 add new step 8 years ago
  belliash 5e573e339a implement CVS support; as it leaks many features, only authentication to pserver is supported 8 years ago
  belliash 30b0cf02f6 replace module 9 years ago
  belliash b9a1efe4ef implement makeCoreNodes() 9 years ago
  belliash 7e5c54414f correct order 9 years ago
  belliash 0345600e53 create rsync mirror 9 years ago
  belliash 9c4cce0f4e implement functions allowing to easily mirror repository; actually only git supported 9 years ago
  belliash 916260efa9 let modules to be easily disabled 9 years ago
  belliash 7de4c1f440 add missing function 9 years ago
  belliash 2de9a4ab23 add some basic tasks 9 years ago
  belliash 6656dc7704 me stupid :P 9 years ago
  belliash a45b9dfaa8 print information 9 years ago
  belliash 54b5057c48 dont mess with quoted text 9 years ago
  belliash 81d7b4a6f0 message needs to be quoted 9 years ago
  belliash 7bf5211876 bugfix 9 years ago
  belliash 3fd568c9b2 we need shash for generating digests 9 years ago
  belliash 3b1e85cbe4 rename variable TRASHDIR to TEMPDIR 9 years ago
  belliash 1162948c40 rename variable TEMPDIR to STOREDIR 9 years ago
  belliash 1c51ae931f update config file 9 years ago
  belliash 376f15f818 implement generateDigests() 9 years ago
  belliash 600a3898f7 fix issues in multibyte environments 9 years ago
  belliash d171637d42 update modules 9 years ago
  belliash ad47a7b0ab rename 9 years ago
  belliash 88d7083944 implement applyPatch() 9 years ago