reGen2 Linux Release Metatool
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# Copyright 2010-2012, Asio Software Technologies
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3
EZMOD_DESCRIPTION="Allows to re-brand the sys-apps/openrc package"
EZMOD_AUTHOR="Rafal Kupiec"
ezsync_precommit() {
printInfo "Enabling custom OpenRC branding..."
while read EBUILD; do
sed -i "s/BRANDING=\"Gentoo \${brand}\"/BRANDING=\"${CUSTOMBRANDING} \${brand}\"/g" ${EBUILD} || return 1
run "ebuild ${EBUILD} manifest" || return 1
done < <(find ${PORTAGESDIR}/${PORTAGE_BUILD[0]}/sys-apps/openrc -type f -name \*.ebuild)
return 0