reGen2 Linux Release Metatool
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# ATTENTION: This file contains internal EzBuild paths only. BETTER DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE
# UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! When anything needs to be changed it is better to
# set common.conf and one of the following: ezbuild.conf or ezsync.conf files! Hallelujah!
# Specifies the path to the directory that will contain any temporary created executable
# files, necessary for EzBuild to operate correctly.
# Directive sets the path to the directory, where EzBuild will store everything that it
# builds (eg. stages).
# Defines the directory in which overlays with user made ebuilds will be saved for further
# merging with portage tree.
# Directive sets the path where EzBuild will put binary packages for all ebuilds processed
# in addition to compiling and installing the packages.
# This is the path where EzBuild will store entire portage trees, that are necessary for
# synchronization with the mainline (usually Gentoo).
# This specifies the directory where EzBuild will put its temporary files and caches.
# Directive sets the filename for logging of all information about the progress and of all
# executed commands output. This has to contain absolute path to the created file.