reGen2 Linux Release Metatool
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# These options specify a build Portage tree, which all the changes are made to, as well
# as a mainline Portage tree, which the major updates come from. Ordered parameters are:
# portage name = name of Portage tree (eg. gentoo-portage)
# sync protocol = protocol being used by repository (git, rsync, svn)
# remote address = the remote repository address to clone from and send commits to
# optional branch = in a non-bare repository, this is the branch that will be fetched
# NOTE: Not every protocol can be used for building Portage tree!
PORTAGE_BUILD=( "build-portage" "git" "git://" "my_branch" )
PORTAGE_MAINLINE=( "mainline-portage" "rsync" "rsync://" "N/A" )