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What is EzBuild?
# What is EzBuild?
EzBuild is a release building metatool used by reGen2 Linux that allows
developers to synchronize Portage tree with Gentoo, as well as, to build
@ -17,25 +16,23 @@ of Gentoo's Catalyst and Funtoo's Metro tools - deriving they strengths
and addressing they weaknesses.
# Disclaimer
This software is covered by no warranty or guarantee of functionality. It
is provided to the public for use in creating source-based distributions
in a simple and reproducable manner. Use at your own risk!
# Requirements
* app-arch/pbzip2 (multithreaded archiver)
- app-cdr/cdrtools (ISO9660 support)
* app-cdr/cdrtools (ISO9660 support)
* app-crypt/shash (digest support)
- app-misc/zisofs-tools (compressed ISO9660 support)
* app-misc/zisofs-tools (compressed ISO9660 support)
* app-shells/bash (interpreting shell scripts)
* dev-vcs/cvs (CVS repository support)
* dev-vcs/git (GIT repository support)
* dev-vcs/mercurial (HG repository support)
* dev-vcs/subversion (SVN repository support)
* net-misc/keychain (manager for ssh-agent)
- sys-fs/squashfs-tools (SquashFS support)
* sys-fs/squashfs-tools (SquashFS support)