reGen2 Linux Release Metatool
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What is EzBuild?

EzBuild is a release building metatool used by reGen2 Linux that allows
developers to synchronize Portage tree with Gentoo, as well as, to build
custom reGen2 releases and templates. It is designed to interface with
a package manager, so that users can easily build their own releases of
reGen2 Linux or other Linux based operating systems.

EzBuild is capable of:
 * building installation stages
 * building bootable LiveCD/DVD/USB
 * building custom Portage trees

From a developer perspective, you can view EzBuild as a complete redesign
of Gentoo's Catalyst and Funtoo's Metro tools - deriving they strengths
and addressing they weaknesses.


This software is covered by no warranty or guarantee of functionality. It
is provided to the public for use in creating source-based distributions
in a simple and reproducable manner. Use at your own risk!


 * app-arch/pbzip2 (multithreaded archiver)
 - app-cdr/cdrtools (ISO9660 support)
 * app-crypt/shash (digest support)
 - app-misc/zisofs-tools (compressed ISO9660 support)
 * app-shells/bash (interpreting shell scripts)
 * dev-vcs/cvs (CVS repository support)
 * dev-vcs/git (GIT repository support)
 * dev-vcs/mercurial (HG repository support)
 * dev-vcs/subversion (SVN repository support)
 * net-misc/keychain (manager for ssh-agent)
 - sys-fs/squashfs-tools (SquashFS support)