19 Commits (7076a6f3ede03d72f6fcba524ebc20545ad02593)

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  Rafal Kupiec bd24aa0605
Correct more compiler warnings. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec bffd44a7b4
Get rid of some annoying compiler warnings. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec c7b6e76d0d
Get rid of unused variables/labels/etc. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 3cc347f25f
Correct CLI command name. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 27e3b85b30
This is AerScript interpreter. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8f18ebf884
Update legal info. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8ca6deca4e
Allow to set memory limit from SAPI. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 349bbed774
Allow to enable or disable debugging. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 7a740c0570
Correct typo. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec e6ad76b031
Dump VM after execution. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 877d19a815
API function rename. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec c8c6208cca
Return script exit code. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec ece036b214
Rework the entry point 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 63b0f450d3
Move VM initialization into separate step to enable errors reporting earlier. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 52d9616503
Revert d937d0c825 2 years ago
  David Carlier dba8e5098f fixing in the vm context instead, making the feature available in case realpath could be implemented as well 2 years ago
  David Carlier 3ae20a1ca6 Fix #16 might needs to test under Windows. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 262b46392f
Enable error reporting 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec abb91a9874
Reorganize the repository for new build system 2 years ago