32 Commits (3dcc9087888139a4e36ace10439804f1ab1592e9)

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  Rafal Kupiec 3dcc908788
Enable threading. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 4881ddf6de
Pass compatible pointer type. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 312fb97db6
Another FS-related bugfix to make compiler happy. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec ca51e2a5da
Add comments. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec bffd44a7b4
Get rid of some annoying compiler warnings. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 3cca5faa76
Store variable type in dedicated field. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec ab8bf48485
Make constant declarations local. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec c443a38fec
Do not count compilation errors. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec 8f18ebf884
Update legal info. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec c9203b6c91
New source code legal format. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec d8f9db8f9a
Proper implementation of is_callback() & is_callable(). First one only performs a check if variable type is callback, while the second checks if function exists and if can be called. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec a87471e1e3
The empty() function is useless in Aer. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec ff6c71db1c
Do not use NULL if possible. 1 year ago
  Rafal Kupiec d65a529d21
Initial support for char data type. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 174ecb2a38
Initial support for void type. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec eb79ed500e
Store float values in an union. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec af1d59dab4
Don't try to get an integer representation of float. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec dc0a55c8c0
Cleanup old error handler. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 349bbed774
Allow to enable or disable debugging. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 6d27069590
Add new file for every chunk. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 877d19a815
API function rename. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 4dbd3ea412
New memory subsystem. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec b94a23d580
Get rid of PH7 ident 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 26b1675021
API function rename 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec ece036b214
Rework the entry point 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 7e3c79d3c5
Functions naming cleanup 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 63b0f450d3
Move VM initialization into separate step to enable errors reporting earlier. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec a9637d2c8a
This partially implements #16 - currently only for entry file. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 965f19b9b7
Add scripts directory to the include path. This fixes #17. 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 52d9616503
Revert d937d0c825 2 years ago
  David Carlier dba8e5098f fixing in the vm context instead, making the feature available in case realpath could be implemented as well 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec abb91a9874
Reorganize the repository for new build system 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 0552e388e7
Cleanup the code 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec d898cd1e36
Code formatting 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 538ea8524a
Remove unused constant 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 404a2cb402 Fix mutex memory leak in ph7_vm_release() 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 520e2280e4 No amalgamation 2 years ago
  Rafal Kupiec 5b10ea3b41 de-amalgamation of code for easier maintenance 2 years ago